Others are creating evaluations for me, but I never get a notification on my phone.  The only way I know I have a pending evaluation is to open SIMPL and check.


Notifications must be enabled in both SIMPL and on your phone.  They are enabled by default in SIMPL, but during the installation you were asked it you would allow notifications from the SIMPL app.  If you didn't agree, then your phone will block notifications.  To confirm all the settings are correct, do the following:

  1. Open the SIMPL app and login
  2. Select “Settings” at the bottom right
  3. Go to "Preferences" and make sure there is a check mark beside “Push"
  4. Close SIMPL
  5. Open your phone's settings ("Settings" on iOS)
  6. Make sure notifications are enables (for iOS go to "Settings"–>"Notifications"–>"SIMPL Lite" and toggle “Allow Notifications”)

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