Step-by-step guide

  1. Identify an institutional faculty & resident educator.  The site educator will train faculty & residents to use the system as needed.
  2. Identify an institutional SIMPL Administrator.  
  3. Identify general surgery faculty & trainees who are eligible to use the SIMPL app.
  4. Schedule a 45 minute educational session to train faculty and residents to use SIMPL (and especially the Zwisch scale which does require some practice).  
    1. This session will be led by a PLSC volunteer.
    2. We will also train you online to use the administrative website (it's pretty straightforward).
  5. Create faculty & resident accounts.
    1. These data elements will be needed for each account: 
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Email address
      4. Gender
      5. NPI 
      6. For faculty only: year they completed residency.  
    2. Make sure all the users receive an invitation to register, either when you create their account or when you are ready to launch.
    3. Send out an announcement email.
  6. Keep track of who has and hasn't completed training.  For those who haven't, schedule "make up" training sessions for them.
  7. Launch!  We recommend waiting to launch until you have 70% of both faculty and residents trained.
  8. Use the admin site to monitor participation and sustain adoption.  We've found many things that seem to work well, see How to sustain adoption of SIMPL.  



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