Step-by-step guide

  1. Identify a site faculty & resident educator.  The site educator will train faculty & residents to use the system as needed.
  2. Identify an institutional SIMPL Administrator.  
  3. Schedule the sessions to train faculty and residents to use the rating scales in SIMPL. 
    1. The first session is typically led by a PLSC volunteer and is at a time that will capture the most people.  It takes a total of 60 minutes.  You will need to coordinate dates with PLSC.
    2. We will also train you online to use the administrative website.
    3. Be sure to assign someone to take attendance.
  4. As soon as the first session is scheduled, schedule multiple (3-5) "make-up" sessions in the following two weeks in order to train those who miss the initial session.
    1. Setting them at various times and on various days may help capture everyone
    2. Coordinate these dates with the identified site educator (step 1). 
  5. Set your SIMPL launch date
    1. Typically about 2 weeks after the frame-of-reference training- which should allow for enough time to train those who miss the initial training session. 
  6. Identify general surgery faculty & trainees who are eligible to use the SIMPL app.
  7. Create faculty & resident accounts.
    1. These data elements will be needed for each account (and can be recorded in this worksheet as you collect the data): 
      1. First name
      2. Last name
      3. Email address
      4. Gender
      5. NPI 
      6. For faculty only: year they completed residency.  
      7. For trainees only:  the clinical PGY at the time of SIMPL launch (i.e. if they have been in residency 6 years but 2 of those were spent doing research, they should be categorized as a PGY4)
    2. Make sure all the users receive an invitation to register, typically when you are ready to launch.  You can keep track of all of this in the same worksheet used above.
  8. Send out an announcement email about the training session early and again nearer the date
  9. Initial training session
    1. Record attendance, potentially in the same worksheet again.
  10. Send out invitations ASAP after training inviting those who did not attend the first session to attend the pre-set "make up" sessions.  Keep track of this, too.
  11. Use the worksheet to continue to keep track of who has and hasn't completed training.  For those who haven't, schedule "make up" training sessions for them.
  12. Decide when to launch.  We recommend you have 70% of both faculty and residents trained before your launch date as this means any given case has a 50% chance of having both participants able to use SIMPL.
  13. Launch!
    1. Send out a launch announcement one day prior. A template is provided here. It should include a statement about what you expect for participation (we recommend 2 evaluations per week for all trainees) and how you will monitor (we recommend presenting engagement data 4 weeks after launch at a weekly conference and via email).
    2. Send out registration links to everyone either the day before or that morning. You can do so via the admin interface (click on each person who has trained and then click "Send registration invitation").
  14. Use the admin site and the monthly program reports to monitor participation and sustain adoption.  We've found many things that seem to work well, see How to sustain adoption of SIMPL.  



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