When new trainees arrive or when new faculty start at your program, they should be trained on the scales used in SIMPL. Here is how you can do so virtually. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the latest SIMPL Rater Training slides from:
  2. Set up a virtual meeting on the platform of your choice with those who need to be trained (This guide will assume you are using Zoom). 
  3. Review the slides and especially the red text, these are the essential "take home" points of the presentation.
  4. Open the training slides and turn off notifications on your computer
  5. Record who is at the training session so you can activate their SIMPL accounts following the training
  6. During the virtual training
    1. Before you select which screen to share: Check box that says "share computer audio" in the left lower corner of the screen - this is critical for the video audio
    2. The videos may look a bit choppy to the audience, but the sound should remain clear
  7. After the training- as your program coordinator to send out email invites from the SIMPL admin site to those who were trained.

Please reach out to for more information and tips on how to give a great presentation.

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