SIMPL Bedside is created by the Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning. It is currently in beta testing and improvements will be made as often as we can.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs are required by regulators to have a system in place to monitor and credential trainees to perform bedside procedures. SIMPL Bedside is a measurement system designed to assess, certify, monitor, and report about trainee preparedness to perform bedside procedures in all graduate medical education specialties. SIMPL Bedside consists of an administrative website for program and institution leadership as well as a smartphone app for end-users and raters.


SIMPL Bedside's smartphone application allows for feasible, quick, and timely assessment of trainee bedside procedures. Immediately following each bedside procedure encounter under direct supervision, trainees are able to request feedback from the senior resident or attending, or other experienced provider who was supervising them. The trainee enters the date, time, procedure, and rater information in the app and the rater answers one questions about the level of the trainees performance on that given procedure (see Figure 1). This process takes no more than 30 seconds and the data is stored for future use. 


Program leadership are able to access data on trainee bedside procedure attempts and evaluations in the SIMPL Bedside administrative website. Programs determine when a trainee is ready to perform a procedure without direct supervision based on their evaluation history, and then can easily mark them as "certified". This change is then reflected on the trainee's SIMPL Bedside smartphone app.


Trainees who have been certified to perform a bedside procedure without direct supervision by program leadership will have a clear display on their verification in their SIMPL Bedside app. This can be used to during a pre-procedure time-out to confirm with nursing staff that this trainee is indeed certified. In the SIMPL Bedside administrative website, program leadership are easily able to monitor which trainees have been certified and which are yet to have enough experience to perform procedures without direct supervision. 

Report (in development)

Programs can use the SIMPL Bedside administrative website to pull data and produce reports on trainees for regulator site visits. SIMPL Bedside also creates "Bedside Procedure Credentialling Policy" Documents for your program that are compliant with regulator guidance.

Figure 1: Users are rated on the SIMPL Bedside smartphone app

Figure 2: Program leadership use the SIMPL Bedside Administrative website to monitor and credential trainees

To learn more about SIMPL Bedside, please contact Society for Improving Medical Professional Learning Director of Operations Greg Wnuk at or (810) 335-0073

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