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Last updated 2015.6.16


“SIMPL Procedure Name”

This is the name of the operative procedure that users will search for in the app. First and foremost, we strive to make it easy for users to find the SIMPL Procedure Name in order to begin an evaluation. Each SIMPL Procedure Name may have a one or more associated ACGME Case Descriptions/CPT codes. Remember to prioritize the user experience in terms of helping them search for cases.


These are ‘character sequences’ (eg. words, acronyms, other text) that can be used to help a user search for a SIMPL Procedure Name (see examples below). The character sequence should not already exist within the existing SIMPL Procedure Name

Creating your taxonomy

  1. Creating the “SIMPL Procedure Names”:
    1. Optimize for User Experience (UI)
      1. First and foremost, make it easy for users to find the names of cases they do on their smartphone.
      2. Think of how you would search for that procedure in plain English, and try construct a SIMPL Procedure name similar to that, or at least with those words in it (remember the software will be smart enough to rearrange keywords and find based on synonyms
      3. If multiple procedures are included in the same ACGME Case Description/CPT code (eg. CBD exploration with cholecystectomy), choose a SIMPL Procedure Name that captures the most important procedure (and the part the user will most likely search for). Secondary procedures performed in the same operation can be logged as separate procedures by SIMPL user, so long as those secondary procedures exist as their own SIMPL Procedure Name (if they do not currently exist as a separate SIMPL Procedure Name, create them from the existing list of ACGME Case Descriptions/CPT codes, or make up a new one on a new row in the spreadsheet immediately beneath the other procedure of interest (and assign it the same ACGME Case Description/CPT code as the first procedure in question).
      4. To standardize this process: when creating the SIMPL Procedure name: Capitalize the first word; all other words lower case (except if using a “/” for multiple components, then capitalize first word after “/"
        1. Eg. “Bile duct repair”
        2. Eg. “CBD exploration/Hepaticojejunostomy (open)”
    2. Minimally invasive vs Open:
      1.  Qualifying descriptors (eg, laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, arthroscopic, endovascular) should appear in (parentheses) following the SIMPL Procedure Name, when indicated
        1. eg. “Cholecystectomy (laparoscopic)”
      2.  If no descriptor is necessary, or multiple descriptors are equally valid, do not include any descriptor in parenthesis
        1. eg. “Melanoma excision”; “Total abdominal colectomy”
  2. Grouping/Categorizing Procedure names on the App
    1.  When in doubt about grouping vs separating procedures for the User Experience, use your best judgment but err on the side of separating them. Some procedure names should remain granular and distinct from each other (eg. Cholecystectomy (laparoscopic) vs Cholecystectomy w/ IOC (laparoscopic)), whereas other procedures should likely be grouped (eg. the ~100 CPT codes for different sizes of melanoma excision). If still in doubt, keep them separate for now (we can always group later, but it’s harder to separate them later)
  3. Adding Synonyms:


ACGME 1st level Category (aka Area Description)ACGME 2nd level Category (aka RRC Procedure Type Description)CPT CodeACGME Code DescriptionSIMPL Category NameSIMPL RESIDENT PROCEDURE NAMESYNONYMS 
ENTENT31623Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, with or without fluoroscopic guidance; with brushing or protected brushingsBronchoscopy Bronchoscopy with brushingsbronch, rigid, flex, DLB
ENTENT31624Bronchoscopy, rigid or flexible, with or without fluoroscopic guidance; with bronchial alveolar lavageBronchoscopy Bronchoscopy with bronchial alveolar lavagebronch, rigid, flex, DLB