Data from SIMPL can come from 4 places, a program administrator, you, another user, or the system backend. Here is more information on the types of data:

Entered by your program administrator:

  • User first and last name
  • Role- trainee or attending
  • PGY if applicable
  • Program(s) if applicable
  • Email
  • Username

Entered by you and/or the person you operated with:

  • Case date/time
  • User(s) that you operated with
  • Procedure
  • Performance rating
  • Autonomy rating
  • case complexity rating
  • Dictated feedback if applicable

Entered by the system backend

  • Date and time you signed end user license agreement
  • Date and time evaluation was completed
  • Time elapsed since evaluation was created
  • Whether or not evaluation was responded to
  • Date and time of the last time you logged in

How is the data used?

Collected data is shared with training program administrators as well as individuals authorized to review the data as determined by training program administrators for individual performance improvement and program-specific educational quality improvement efforts. Collected data may be used in a de-identified, aggregated format for educational research contingent on approval from the Procedural Learning and Safety Collaborative Research Standing Committee. For more information about requesting  de-identified, aggregated data for research please visit this link.

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